Videos/Interviews (etc)

Since all these things are out there, and since the one html thing I know how to do is link, I thought I’d put together a few of my appearances in various interwebbish media. As you’ll see, I needed the ‘etc’ in the title, since there’s quite a bit of variety here.

I’ll add more when Google tells me about them, but here’s a few to be going on with …

The First Time podcast
I make a guest appearance in which my Green Room* questions for other authors are put to me, with a couple of new questions added. (*My brief series for Radio National in which I asked authors questions based on what authors actually talk about in festival green rooms, rather than what we’re usually asked about in interviews.)

Coverage connected with William Robinson: A New Perspective
Review in Limelight

Interviews etc connected with Wisdom Tree
Interview with Jane Hutcheon for ABC TV’s One Plus One

Peter Pierce’s review of Wisdom Tree for the Fairfax papers

Simon Caterson’s review of Wisdom Tree for the Australian

Interviews etc connected with Analogue Men
Interview with Caroline Baum for Booktopia.

Feature article by Phil Brown in the Courier-Mail

Interview with Michael Cathcart on ABC RN’s Books&Arts Daily, featuring many great samples of radio of yesteryear (TAA ads etc).

Interviews etc connected with Word Hunters
The Word Hunters website

At Shearer’s bookshop in Sydney talking Word Hunters (with a side order of storytelling armchair)

In my collaborator Terry Whidborne’s secret underground lab

Susan Whelan’s review at Kids Book Review

An appearance at Readings website talking through my collaboration with Terry

Interviews etc connected with Welcome to Normal
On ABC’s Radio National with Michael Cathcart

David Messer’s review in The Age

On 774 ABC Melbourne’s Conversations with Jon Faine and Andi Horvath

With Alicia and Lorin of Aural Text on Melbourne’s Triple R

Q&A with Jessica Au of Melbourne bookseller Readings

Facing Booktopia’s Six Sharp Questions

Interviews that defy categorization
Talking with Carley and Dave at ‘Stuff and Things’ about stuff. And then things.

Mark reads Problems with a Girl and a Unicorn. Have you seen the ‘Mark Reads’ videos? If you haven’t you should. He’s an at times ruthless but also hilarious guy – I think he’s a literature professor from California – who reads and interpolates at will. Recently he took on my short story Problems with a Girl and a Unicorn. Here’s Part 1 followed by Part 2.

A few of my short stories have become short films and at least one of them’s on YouTube. It’s written and directed by Charlotte George, with whom I’m working on a World of Chickens film. In this case the short story is called The Goatflap Brothers and the House of Names, and the film is the House of Names. It stars Samuel Johnson as Cleveland and Kim Gyngell as Eleanor. It also comes as a Part 1 and a Part 2.

Two of my novels have become feature films, and both of them have trailers on YouTube. First there was the Brisbane-based 48 Shades, adapted from 48 Shades of Brown. Then Perfect Skin was shot in Italy as Solo un Padre.


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