1 June 2021

First review of Empires, from Adam Ford in Books + Publishing, and it opens with this: ‘With his latest novel, Nick Earls again proves his talent for compelling and convincing storytelling.’ Yay!

8 February 2021

Well, after quite a hiatus, some news. I have a new book coming out in August in Australia and NZ. It’s called Empires, its back-cover blurb just became official, and here it is:

Alaska, 2018, and Mike is a long way from home, nursing a wrecked knee and an unspoken grief, striking out into real estate and parenting his partner’s son. London, 1978, and Simon is an Australian fish out of water navigating adolescence during the Winter of Discontent, and drawn to an eccentric impresario next door. Washington, DC, 1928, and a retired US senator is interviewed about his time in Russia in 1916, and his mission to save a young heir to an empire. Vienna, 1809, and an Irish teenager on the run from the law takes refuge among composers as Napoleon besieges and shells the city. Hong Kong, 2019, and estranged brothers Mike and Simon reunite in midlife to face the secrets of the past, and reconnect in more ways than one.
Empires rise and fall, human lives play out, encounters, collisions and connections occur more than we can ever know – and yet, the unexpected can still happen.
Endlessly compelling and inventive, Empires is a masterful novel in five parts with boys and men at its heart. Spanning centuries and crossing continents, it explores the empires we build, the way we see ourselves, the narratives we construct and the interconnectedness of all things. This is Nick Earls at his finest.

2 July 2020

I’ve curated an art exhibition! Or, to put it another way, adapted a book into an exhibition, with the book as an audio soundtrack. William Robinson: A New Perspective is on at QUT’s William Robinson gallery in Brisbane until 21 June 2021. Tour physically or virtually, via the gallery website. And listen to the book as you do, if you choose. It’s like a 90-minute story, with objects.

9 April 2020
18 months after publication, but well worth waiting for, Limelight says of William Robinson: A New Perspective – ‘Only a writer who is gifted in letting the interior monologues of life play to their true potential is capable of such detailed and exacting insight and empathy’. Just what I was aiming for. Can’t hope for better than that.

16 May 2019
‘William Robinson: a New Perspective’ highly commended in the Museums Australia Publication Design Awards.

16 April 2019
‘William Robinson: a New Perspective’ shortlisted in the Museums Australia Publication Design Awards.

1 October 2018
Published ‘William Robinson: a New Perspective’, a novella-sized hardback on the life (so far) and work of the painter, commissioned by his eponymous gallery.

18 July 2018
Graduated with a PhD from the University of Queensland, for a thesis incorporating the Wisdom Tree novellas and a 40,000-word essay on contemporary novella craft and publishing.

July 2017 – July 2018 news summary, since I dropped the ball for, um, a year while I finished my PhD. Vancouver from Wisdom Tree was also shortlisted for two awards at the Qld Literary Awards, bringing Wisdom Tree’s awards tally to five wins and five shortlistings. The Wisdom Tree Live show has kept appearing, mostly in neighbourhoods close to home. And I’ve appeared at festivals and conferences in Australia and NZ. I’m sure there’s more, but it’s a bit of a blur.

10 July 2017
Word Hunters: Top Secret Files shortlisted for Speech Pathology Australia Book of the Year (readers aged 8-10).

27 June 2017
Wisdom Tree shortlisted for the Colin Roderick Award (presented by the Foundation for Australian Literary Studies).

21 June 2017
Gotham (Wisdom Tree #1) shortlisted for the Woollahra Digital Literary Award.

26 May 2017
Sandy Cull wins three Australian Book Design Awards, including the ‘Series’ category for Wisdom Tree.

22 May 2017
Vancouver (Wisdom Tree #3) wins the People’s Choice Award at the NSW Premier’s Literary Awards.

11 May 2017
Wisdom Tree wins the gold medal for literary fiction in the eLit Awards (USA).

26 April 2017
Vancouver (Wisdom Tree #3) shortlisted for the Christina Stead Prize for Fiction at the NSW Premier’s Literary Awards.

25 April 2017
Wisdom Tree takes the gold medal in the ‘Best Adult Fiction Ebook’ category at the Independent Publishers Book Awards. Medals to be presented at BookExpo in New York on 30 May.

13 April 2017
Wisdom Tree shortlisted in the Australian Book Design Awards. Big congrats to Sandy Cull, the design maestro behind the series look, and to Donna Ward the publisher, always hands-on with the look of I&B books.

24 December 2016
The Australian publishes the second half of its ‘books of the year’ list and Wisdom Tree makes it for a third time, this time courtesy of Thuy On, who also includes it as her ‘2016 Standout’ in her Summer 2016 Top Ten Books in The Big Issue.

17 December 2016
The Australian publishes half of its ‘books of the year’ list and Wisdom Tree appears twice. From Simon Caterson: ‘The work of new fiction that meant most to me was Nick Earls’s Wisdom Tree pentaptych of thematically linked novellas, an astonishingly ambitious and accomplished achievement’. From Kathryn Heyman: ‘I loved … Nick Earls’s The Wisdom Tree novellas. I started with No-Ho, the last in the series. Both witty and unsettling, this story of a child actor hunting down success in the glory land of Hollywood is a mirror to contemporary culture and the ‘‘Aus­tramerica’’ that we’ve come to inhabit. It couldn’t be more timely.’

1 Dec 2016
Bind-Up Day! And I don’t mean that in an S&M way. Two new incarnations of Wisdom Tree released! And neither actually involves binding, since neither exists on paper. Audible has released worldwide the audio version of the complete series of five Wisdom Tree novellas, with a cast like an Australian TV drama series (Rhys Muldoon, Gyton Grantley, Michael Dorman, William McInnes and Flynn Curry) and some additional content, and Exciting Press has released (in the world beyond Australia and NZ) the same content as a single ebook.

27 November 2016
Sydney Arts Guide calls word Hunters: Top Secret Files ‘a towering word trade centre, a bazaar for the bizarre origins of words … A brilliant stocking filler for nine year olds and up’.

14 November 2016
Word Hunters: Top Secret Files published (a companion to the original Word Hunters trilogy).

13 October 2016
New Boy wins (yes, WINS!!!) Speech Pathology Australia Book of the Year (readers aged 8-10).

1 September 2016
NoHo (Wisdom #5) is published

19 August 2016
Peter Pierce reviews Wisdom Tree for the Fairfax papers, summing the series up as ‘a triumphant and extraordinary piece of fiction’.

1 August 2016
Juneau (Wisdom Tree #4) published

16 July 2016
NZ magazine North & South calls’ Gotham ‘the most perfect novella in the history of the format, god-honest truth … a literary gem of the highest grade and this reviewer can’t wait to read more’.

1 July 2016
Vancouver (Wisdom tree #3) published

29 June 2016
New Boy shortlisted for Speech Pathology Australia Book of the Year (readers aged 8-10).

4 June 2016
Katharine England in the Advertiser (Adelaide), reviewing Gotham and Venice: ‘Earls has a wonderful eye for childhood and a keenly perceptive grasp on the vagaries of family dynamics … These are little books of considerable insight, written in clean, lean, approachable prose … I can’t wait for the increasingly complex conversations that are going to grow month by month across the ensuing books.’

1 June 2016
Venice (Wisdom Tree novella #2) published.

9 May 2016
Gotham goes into reprint after one week.

3 May 2016
All-star Wisdom Tree audiobook cast announced: Rhys Muldoon, Gyton Grantley, Michael Dorman, William McInnes and Flynn Curry.

1 May 2016
Gotham (Wisdom Tree novella #1) published.

27 April 2016
Caroline Baum (in Booktopia Buzz) calls Gotham (Wisdom Tree novella #1) ‘a wafer slim but utterly satisfying delight: an entree that feels like the main course … marvellously observed, tautly contained … Earls pitches this sharply contemporary piece perfectly.’

23 April 2016
In the Australian, Simon Caterson calls Wisdom Tree an ‘immense collection of intensely wrought and fiercely compassionate novellas’, and says the series is ‘one of the most ambitious projects being undertaken in Australian publishing’.

30 March 2016
First published review for Gotham in Brisbane News: ‘fresh and intriguing … grips you from the first word’

29 March 2016
Elizabeth Gilbert (of Big Magic and Eat, Pray, Love fame) says of Gotham, the first novella in my series: ‘This smart, precise, and beautiful novella reads like an emotional time bomb. Everything is quiet at first, then comes a slow build of tension, and then comes a strange ticking sound, and then — BOOM — suddenly your heart blows up. You can’t write better than this. It’s simply perfect.’

15 February 2016
Word Hunters: The Curious Dictionary (book one in the series) goes into a fifth print run.

14 January 2016
Recording starts on the audio versions of Wisdom Tree, with each of the five novellas to have its own narrator.

15 December 2015
Editing completed on all five novellas in the Wisdom Tree series, and files on their way to the printer. Yay!

10 December 2015
Analogue Men released as an audiobook – yay!
When Audible signed up Analogue Men, they said I could send a wish list of preferred narrators. I did and it had one name on it: Rhys Muldoon. And he said yes!

28 October 2015
‘Cargoes’ published in Griffith Review 50 Tall Tales Short: The Novella Project 3, once of five novellas chosen from 271 entries. A later version of Cargoes, under another name, will lead off my novella series in June 2016.

2 October 2015
New Boy shortlisted for 2015 Children’s Peace Literature Award.

25 September 2015
Analogue Men audiobook contract signed with Audible, just in time for recording to start tomorrow. I submitted a list of one preferred narrator, and he’s doing it. More on that soon …

11 September 2015
New Boy shortlisted for the Griffith University Children’s Book Award at the Queensland Literary Awards.

23 August 2015
New Boy scores a 9.5 out of ten rating in Adelaide’s Sunday Mail, with reviewer Thomas S calling it, ‘really good and funny … really interesting and descriptive. I think that kids aged 8-plus would really enjoy’. Thanks Thomas S!

17 August 2015
News is out about my next project. I’ve been keeping this under wraps for a while, since I’ve been hammering away at the writing part. I can’t blab everything just yet, but this bit’s no secret now so it’s time to share. I had some ideas I really wanted to write, and knew they were way more substantial that short stories but also that I’d be faking it to beef them up into novels. I also wonder if this might end up being the era when there’s finally a real place for the movie-length read. So I’m working on a series of five novellas, each around the 20,000-word mark. The plan is to release them at monthly intervals from June to October next year, simultaneously as paper books, ebooks and audiobooks.

17 August 2015
Analogue Men shortlisted for the Courier-Mail People’s Choice Queensland Book of the Year Award as part of the Qld Literary Awards to be announced in October. People of all ages around the globe seem eligible to vote, and this bandwagon definitely has a seat for you. Vote here by 5pm on 18 Sept (Brisbane time).

8 July 2015
My novella manuscript, Cargoes, announced as one of five winners (from 271 entries) in Griffith Review’s Novella Project 3, with the chosen novellas to be published as Griffith Review’s summer edition on 28 October.

22 June 2015
Flux Animation signs Word Hunters for development into an animated TV series. Flux have produced almost animated series so far, and Pixar is among the companies they’ve worked with.

12 May 2015
Terry Whidborne and I sign a contract with UQP for a new Word Hunters book – a spin-off from the series, rather than a continuation. We have some fun things planned.

25 March 2015
Penguin publishes New Boy, my new book for upper-primary age people. More details here.

28 February 2015
My six-minute true story about bizarre intervention from on high during my final uni exam – recorded as part of ABC local radio’s Conversations with Richard Fidler – is broadcast across the US on NPR’s Snap Judgments. With sound effects! The US version is now available as a podcast. I’m the final speaker, headed ‘Divine Intervention’.

21 December 2014
Word is out about my next book, which is for readers aged 9+ (ie, it’s a book for the younger folk, though all are of course welcome). It’s called New Boy and it’ll be published by Penguin in Aust/NZ on 25 March. For anyone counting – and that might well just be me – it’s my 20th book.

1 December 2014
The Summer Reading Club run by libraries across Australia kicks off. Among its many features are story starters by established children’s authors, including a Word Hunters story starter from Terry Whidborne and me.

19 November 2014
The Text Classics imprint of Text publishes a new edition of The Delinquents, Criena Rohan’s novel of love on the wrong side of the tracks in 50s Brisbane. What’s new about it? A freshly minted intro by me, for a start.

23 August 2014
The Age says Analogue Men should be a movie (instead of or as well as a novel?), with Mick Molloy playing Brian Brightman. So, is Mick Molloy feeling a need to demonstrate versatility, or happy to keep owning this kind of character? If it’s the latter, bring it on. He’d be hilarious, and there’s some pathos and scheming he’d work well with too.

20 August 2014
Samantha Bond, in Adelaide’s Independent News Daily says of Analogue Men: ‘This is, quite simply, a brilliant book. It is witty, literary and has chunks of pure slap-stick coupled with deep observations about generational difference and the way some people end up feeling left behind in a world so suddenly reliant upon iPads, wifi and the latest techno-gadgets. The characters are so sharply drawn, the dialogue so snappy and tight, that it feels like Earls has opened a window into the lives of real human beings’. As someone in the habit of looking away from reviews, I was happy to look pretty closely at that one.

12 August 2014
Analogue Men reprinted. That’s promising. Keep buying it please. Make them press the Go button again.

7 July 2014
Word Hunters 2: The Lost Hunters shortlisted in the Speech Pathology Australia 2014 Book of the Year Awards.

1 July 2014
Official publication day for Analogue Men in Australia and NZ. The Qantas inflight magazine calls the book ‘An acutely perceptive paen to male midlife crisis, hilarious enough to prompt one similarly age-afflicted reviewer to laugh out loud on the bus.’

28 June 2014
In the Courier-Mail, Phil Brown calls Analogue Men ‘a warm, witty, hilarious book that nails the minutiae of domestic life the way only Earls can’. It’s theoretically out on 1 July, but already seems to be in some bookshops.

20 June 2014
With the recent publication of The Fix north of the equator, I’ve decided to come up with a few a northern hemisphere summer reading deals. On this solstice weekend, it’ll be The Fix on a countdown deal through Amazon, as well as a big temporary price cut for Perfect Skin. More to follow, I think …

3 June 2014
Advance copies of Analogue Men landed on the doorstep with quite a thump today. It turns out I’ve written a 350-page novel.

30 May 2014
Word Hunters 1 (The Curious Dictionary) now into a fourth print run.

20 May 2014
Bachelor Kisses ebook published everywhere outside Aust/NZ (it’s already available here). In some markets (eg, UK, Germany) it’s a comeback, in others (eg, the US and Canada) it’s appearing for the first time.

17 April 2014
The Fix (novel) published outside Australia and New Zealand by Amazon, as a Kindle ebook and print-on-demand paperback.

2 March 2014
Page proofs of Analogue Men mailed back to editor, so book 19 remains on track. First draft of book 20 emailed to publisher, also on track. Analogue Men is for grown-ups and comes out in July. Book 20 (title TBC) is for young people and probably early next year. More work to do on it yet.

Should have some news about new international ebook releases soon …

28 January 2014
Copy edit of Analogue Men complete, and as painless a process as my editor promised. Yay. One comment from her: ‘Truly, the manuscript’s fantastic. It’s a great read and very very funny. I haven’t laughed so hard in ages.’ Also yay for that response. It’s a relief when you try to write comedy and it turns out you have done.

10 January 2014
Happy New Year!

So, have I had no news for months? Or been so busy being newsworthy that I’ve had no chance to give an update? It’s somewhere between the two. Closer to the former maybe. Busy, but not entirely newsworthy.

Word Hunters 3 events took up most of August, and I spent September in North America, hiking glaciers, facing down a big birthday, catching up with a few people and doing the groundwork for a couple of travel articles.

October brought an extensive tour of schools across Brisbane, c/- BCC Libraries, doing the Word Hunters show with Terry whidborne.

November and December were all about this year’s adult novel. It could have been a two-week job to respond to all my publisher’s queries, but for once I felt inclined to give a final draft way longer, and keep diving back in to make it better. Here’s what my publisher said in an email yesterday: ‘This draft of Analogue Men is fantastic. So many oh-so-small tweaks here and there have caused magic down the line.’ Now, that’s what an author likes to see.

And it looks as if the title is official. The Sydney Morning Herald mentioned it earlier in the week, and I’m starting to see cover roughs with Analogue Men on them. It’s on track for July.

22 July 2013
Yes, I know – no news for a while. Actually, it’s not that there was no news – more that I had two festivals and a novel to write. So, a few recent highlights:
– Terry Whidborne and I played to five audiences of around 800 children each at Sydney Writers Festival on 20-24 May (the biggest and loudest Word Hunters shows to date)
– We then backed it up at Voices on the Coast at the Sunshine Coast on 3 & 4 June
– Word Hunters 3 (War of the Word Hunters) was released in ANZ on 26 June
And some actual news: I’ll be bringing Word Hunters to the
Melbourne Writers Festival schooldays on 26 and 27 August.

26 April 2013
Word Hunters 1 (The Curious Dictionary) is shortlisted for Book of the Year for Older Children (8-14 years) in the Australian Book Industry Awards.

13 April 2013
Sydney Writers Festival announces its program for late next month, and I’ll be there. Terry Whidborne and I will be teaming up for the school days and a weekend kids’ workshop, and I’ll be doing some sessions for the grown-ups too.

3 April 2013
My short story Welcome to Normal becomes permanently free in the Amazon Kindle Store outside Australia and NZ, matching its free status in the iBookstore. In Aust/NZ it’s already free on Scribd, making it my first ebook to go permafree worldwide. (For links, see Free Stuff.)

3 April 2013
Tickets are now on sale for the World of Chickens play, which is booked to run for four nights only in Brisbane in May. It’s being adapted, staged and performed by junior Brisbane hospital doctors and med students as a fundraiser for a medical charity.

17 March 2013
The play version of The True Story of Butterfish is published for the first time – in the iBookstore, for $3.

27 Feb 2013
Word Hunters: The Lost Hunters, volume two of the Word Hunters trilogy, is published in Australia/NZ.

Some time in February 2013
Green is released in Australia by Allen & Unwin’s House of Books. Green takes my novel World of Chickens, plus the five short stories featuring the same characters, plus a brand new 8000-word story set now and puts them together in one book. The Phil & Frank collection, 1981-2012. It’s available on all conceivable ebook platforms from all conceivable ebook retailers, plus available on demand as a big fat wad of bound paper. Yes, old-school books can be ordered from book retailers.

18/19 Feb 2013
My short story ‘Welcome to Normal’ becomes Exciting Press’s first ebook to be released in the iBookstore. And it’s free.

15 Feb 2013
The World of Chickens crew, me included, complete Screen Qld’s low-budget feature lab, well on the way to a new draft and with enhanced prospects of getting this thing made during our lifetimes.

4 Jan 2013
Six short stories released worldwide as ebooks by Exciting Press (Molecule, PE, Moving, Box-Shaped Heart, Plaza, The Truth of Jacarandas).

28 Dec 2012
Chris Flynn, books editor of the Big Issue, includes Welcome to Normal in his top ten books of 2012: ‘In this collection, Earls hands down a lesson in how to write long, short stories like the American greats. Drone strikes, sarcastic holiday conversation and his hometown of Brisbane all loom large in this readable trove of commercially appealing literary fiction.’

14 Dec 2012
The Exciting Press edition of Perfect Skin briefly pushes ahead of 1,771,295 other titles in the Kindle Store to become a top 100 bestseller.

14 Dec 2012
World of Chickens selected for an intensive workshop lab as part of Screen Queensland’s low budget feature film initiative. Screen Qld hopes to get all four selected projects into production. We’re hoping for mid-late next year for World of Chickens.

23 Oct 2012
The Newcastle Herald calls Word Hunters 1 ‘fast-paced, exhilarating and creates a world full of wonder’ and Magpies says ‘The whole premise underlying the Word Hunters concept is fascinating, and there is plenty of excitement … an imaginative and original beginning to what promises to be an intriguing series.’

3 Oct 2012
Word Hunters: The Curious Dictionary currently in the top five bestsellers in both the Courier-Mail and Brisbane News.

28 September 2012
Kids Book Review calls Word Hunters ‘An action-packed adventure story filled with humour, excitement and mysteries to solve … A fantastic book for advanced younger readers’.

27 August 2012
Word Hunters: The Curious Dictionary published in Australia and NZ. It’s the first in a trilogy, with Terry Whidborne as illustrator. It’s also my first book for people under 13. There’s already one report in of it being read after lights out by a nine-year-old under a blanket with a torch.

14 August 2012
The Goatflap Brothers & the House of Names e-story released in North America and Europe.

4 August 2012
Welcome to Normal reviewed in the Sydney Morning Herald, Age and Canberra Times: ‘What all of these stories have in common is masterfully crafted prose, dry but sympathetic observation and an engrossing allusion to a larger, unseen world.’

27 July 2012
The Fix has been shortlisted in the Courier-Mail People’s Choice Qld Book of the Year Award as part of the Qld Literary Awards.

18 July 12
Welcome to Normal – the short story – has now been published outside Aust/NZ as an ebook (99c in US). For any readers in ANZ interested in seeing the Normal Theater mentioned in the story, it’s on the cover of this edition. Here it is in the US Kindle store.

14 July 12
The Australian on Welcome to Normal: ‘There’s so much to like in Welcome to Normal. The stories are humorous and delicately drawn … it’s a deft and subtle exploration of human feelings’

8 July 2012
The Sunday Age on Welcome to Normal: ‘Short fiction is a notoriously difficult medium, but Earls has mastered it’.

And the South Coast Register: ‘Earls at his clear-eyed best … Unpredictable and engrossing, Welcome to Normal is anything but’

2 July 2012
Official publication date of Welcome to Normal in Australia and New Zealand. To any book store that still has it in boxes out the back: please place it before the adoring masses forthwith. To those who thought it was worth putting out early: thanks. (Note: I’m talking about Welcome to Normal, the collection of three novellas and five stories. The title story of the same name will soon be published as a stand-alone ebook outside ANZ.)

Also, Allen & Unwin has now re-released The Thompson Gunner in ANZ as an ebook and print-on-demand paper book. Outside ANZ it’s already re-available as an ebook called Tumble Turns.

But wait, there’s more. There’s a new paperback edition of The Fix in ANZ, and the RRP is down $10 to $19.95.

Stopping now, before I sound entirely like an infomercialler.

19 June 2012
Byron Bay Writers Festival has just announced its 2012 program, and I’ll be there. Session details in Events and at the festival’s website.

19 June 2012
An update on June publications … In Australia and New Zealand, Allen & Unwin’s House of Books has re-released Perfect Skin and Monica Bloom as ebooks and print-on-demand paper books. Both novels should now be widely re-available (see update 5 May). In the world beyond ANZ, Exciting Press has released my short story All Those Ways of Leaving as an ebook through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

12 June 2012
After a very unusual 24 hours, Willow Pattern, the Australian 24-hour book is published, printed and available for download. Downloads are free for the first – you guessed it – 24 hours, and 1000 copies are download before it slips behind the pay wall at midday on 13 June.

5 June 2012
My venture into writing for 9-13-year-olds has scored its first review, in Australian Bookseller + Publisher. Word Hunters: The Curious Dictionary (it’s part one of a trilogy) comes out in Australia in September. I worked on it with my friend Terry Whidborne as illustrator. Here’s some of what was said: ‘Clever, funny and refreshingly dorky … turning the subject [etymology] into a dangerous and fascinating concept that kids will love. The historical detail is brilliant and well researched, while Whidborne’s gorgeous illustrations give depth to the highly imaginative world … sure to be a favourite’.

If you’re going to be dorky, which I am, be refreshingly dorky. And then send your characters into battle.

New ground for me, in a whole lot of ways. More on this one closer to the time. Right now we’re still going through the page proofs.

5 May 2012
It’s now official. Some of my books which have been increasingly hard to find in Australia are about to come back. I’ve signed them up with Allen & Unwin’s new House of Books – described by the media release as ‘a new ebook collection which aims to bring alive Australia’s rich literary heritage at affordable prices.’ My list-mates include Xavier Herbert, Katharine Sussanah Pritchard and Miles Franklin, so the parties may not go late into the night but it’s great company to be keeping.

I have two titles on the 4 June launch list – Perfect Skin and Monica Bloom – with more to follow. They’ll be available as ebooks from Readings, Pages & Pages and all Australian independent booksellers with an ebook platform, as well as from Kindle, Kobo, Google, Borders, Angus & Robertson, Dymocks, Booktopia, Collins and the Coop Bookshop. For those who prefer paper, print-on-demand is also available.

3 May 2012
The Fix is this month’s Morning Show book club selection on 630 ABC North Queensland. If you’re in the footprint, join the panel to discuss it on 29 May, and come along a few days later when I’m in town for my One Title One Townsville visit (see events).

1 May 2012
First review in for Welcome to Normal (short fiction collection, due out in Aust in July). It’s in Australian Bookseller + Publisher and here’s how it went: ‘Earls writes with deftness and subtlety, each story drawing out the hearts of his characters … the scope, versatility and humour in Earls’ writing is displayed beautifully … Welcome to Normal will appeal to Earls’ fans and is highly recommended to anyone with an interest in reading or writing short stories.’ Phew. Can’t expect every one to be like that. Nice when it happens though.

20 April 2012
Headgames (the short story, not the entire 1999 book) FREE worldwide for Kindle on Amazon today, and for another day or two. Also, another story, The Secret Life of Veal, set to go to FREE later today.

16 April 2012
Since the executive producer, Trish Lake, is being quoted on the subject, I probably don’t have to keep it to myself. Here’s what SBS, in a piece about Peter Hegedus’s forthcoming documentary ‘My America’, says in a mention today about the World of Chickens film:

‘Also, Lake is serving as executive producer of World of Chickens, a ‘bromantic’ comedy based on Nick Earls’ novel about the romantic travails of two guys who are best mates and medical students. Kath and Kim regular Peter Rowsthorn will play Ron Todd, proud proprietor of Ron Todd’s World of Mowers. The director is the London-based Charlotte George and the producers are Tait Brady and Chelsea Bruland. Lake aims to progress that project when she’s in London.’

Anyone familiar with the novel might (or might not) remember that Ron Todd came up with World of Chickens when Ron Todd’s World of Mowers was a success and he wanted to diversify. Let me just add that we (okay, Charlotte) might have sneakily already shot something with Peter, and he was brilliant as Ron. Hilarious, very 80s, and yet there was a hint of pathos too. Perfect.

12 April 2012
The Italian Job FREE worldwide on Kindle today (and, in Australia, until some time tomorrow).

1 April 2012
Five short stories released worldwide exclusively for Kindle for a limited time (The Haircut of a More Successful Man, Headgames, Problems With a Girl and a Unicorn, The Italian Job and The Secret Life of Veal)

22 March 2012
I’m going to try putting news here when there is some. Today there is no news. That’s not to say there’s nothing going on. I’m hiding away working on part one of a kids’ trilogy for later in the year, and going through potential covers for Welcome to Normal (due out in Australia in July).

More ebook news coming soon …


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