My novella series, Wisdom Tree, was released at monthly intervals from 1 May to 1 September 2016, and that’s meant events and festivals galore. Many are now behind us, but this one-man five-small-book carnival keeps rolling until May 2017.

24-26 Feb 2017 Perth International Arts Festival
Yes! I’ll be part of the PIAF writing program. Details here and right here (note: the link earlier in this sentence takes you to three events, but not the Courtyard Session):

24 Feb 2017 PERTH Perth International Arts Festival
1pm Dolphin Theatre: Creativity Bound – What is the cost of a creative life? Does pursuing your dreams mean compromising on relationships? Jessie Burton, Anna North, Zoe Morrison and Nick Earls consider the pressures of artistic integrity and the pull between art and heart.

25 Feb 2017 PERTH Perth International Arts Festival
10am Murdoch Lecture Theatre: Out of the Box – Nick Earls is on a mission to bring the novella back after releasing the five richly intelligent novellas that make up Wisdom Tree. He talks with local short story hero Susan Midalia about what novellas offer today, and the stories behind the Wisdom Tree series

7pm Courtyard Sessions: Wisdom Tree Live – featuring music related to the novellas (performed by major local talent Lucy Peach), with guest readers from the writers festival program.

26 Feb 2017 PERTH Perth International Arts Festival
11.00 Hackett Hall: Word Hunters – the live version of etymology from the Word Hunters (and beyond), featuring images, props, games and loads of interaction (for anyone aged 8+)

4-5 March ADELAIDE – Adelaide Writers Week
Perth one weekend, Radelaide the next! Further info about adult sessions here, though there are also two Storytent sessions for younger people (and, really, anyone who wants to play Word Hunters games).

4 March ADELAIDE – Adelaide Writers Week
12.35pm Storytent: A 20-minute burst of Word Hunters games for the younger folk

3.45pm West Stage: Wisdom Tree (yes, my big Adelaide Wisdom Tree event: one author, five novellas, lots to tell)

5 March ADELAIDE – Adelaide Writers Week
12.35pm Storytent: A 20-minute burst of Word Hunters games for the younger folk (conveniently for my brain, at precisely the same time as the day before)

2.30 West Stage: Everyday people panel with Michelle Wright

6.00pm Avid Reader in conversation with Brentley Frazer about his remarkable memoir Scoundrel Days. Here’s the comment from me that his publicist is going with (note: not a pre-prepared blurb quote – this was edited from a couple of spontaneous emails from me talking about the book): ‘How brilliant is the writing in Scoundrel Days? Like poetry written with a nail gun. Shit he’s good. Uncommonly good. He’s got a great eye, but also a lot of muscle to his writing, and that combo doesn’t come along often enough. I hope he’s got a lot more prose in him.’

1-2 April 2017 BRISBANE – Rock and Roll Writers Festival
Full Program here
1 April 2017
5.20pm – Can’t Get There From Here panel: Born overseas, raised in Australia – it’s a pretty common story, but does that sense of “foreign-ness” impact the way you feel and how you create? And does the culture of your country of birth, and your childhood experiences, give you a different perspective when it comes to consuming art?
Moderator: Zan Rowe
Panellists: Nick Earls, Ngaiire, Tim Steward

7.00pm – big Wisdom Tree event featuring live music and readings

2 April 2017
4.00 – White Rabbit panel: Writing by, for and about women. A panel that unpacks the influence of women through their effect on writers’ lives, on their characters, their process and the connection with audiences.
Moderator: Zan Rowe
Panellists: Peggy Frew, Nick Earls, Kirsty Eagar, Melissa Lucashenko

Appearing at #LitFest2444, a school-based writers’ festival.

11 Responses to Events

  1. gillian milburn says:

    Hi Nick, it was such a pleasure meeting you and Terry earlier this week at Cleveland Library. It think it was a great event and you managed to keep almost 150 kids/ people entertained and engaged for an hour! WOW! Impressive. I hope you and Terry survive and enjoy the rest of your tour.
    Gillian Milburn (Branch Librarian – Cleveland Library)

    • nickearls says:

      Hi Gillian. It was very good to meet you too and thanks for having everything so well set up for the event. And what a great bunch of kids they were. The only thing we had to try to manage was their enthusiasm, which is exactly what you hope for, but not always how it works out.

  2. Lesley says:

    Just wondering if you will have word hunter for sale at jimboomba library on Friday. Have tried the local bookshop (boonah) but they don’t have it in stock. Could you bring two copies for me to purchase. Thankyou, Lesley.

    • nickearls says:

      I’m glad to hear you’re coming – thanks for that. Jimboomba’s ‘That Book Place’ will be there selling books, so we should have no problem making sure you end up with two copies. Thanks again.

  3. Lesley says:

    The kids and their visiting coast cousins loved seeing you at jimboomba on Friday. When they left our place on Friday afternoon – with much merriment – they stuck their heads out the window and yelled ‘that is all’.
    You have four new fans.

  4. Henry Lyons says:

    Hi Nick,
    thanks for coming to Ashgrove State School. I really like your books because they are fun and exciting. I am just reading the Word Hunters numbers 1 and I think its great. I can’t wait to read the next two – hopefully there will be more.

    Thanks again

    Henry Lyons
    4S Ashgrove State School

    • nickearls says:

      Hi Henry,
      It’s great to hear that – I really appreciate it. After all the research and planning (and writing and illustrating), it’s very good to know that the books actually work when people read them.
      Thank you.

  5. Mama Gringa says:

    Let’s pray we are home by the time your Brisbane sesh happens… 🙂

    • nickearls says:

      I’m hoping you’re home soon, and that things go as well as they can in the meantime. You’re on a lot of people’s minds back here.

      • Mama Gringa says:

        Thanks Nick. We’ve had some news today, so might just make it by the skin of our teeth… although I do have a request: Could you do your launch in Spanish too for my girl?

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