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Who doesn’t like free stuff? If you just answered ‘Me’, click to another page. Otherwise, you’ve come to the right place.

If you happen to be one of the planet’s approximately seven billion people not yet acquainted with my work, now’s the chance to change that. I’ve put together a free starter pack with you in mind (well, particularly if you’re one of the five billion adults – all the material in the pack is taken from my work for adults). It includes a novel, two novellas and two short stories. Just email me at nickearlsauthor at gmail dot com (that’s the spambot-safe way of putting it – you know how to turn that into a regulation email address), tell me whether you prefer to eread using a Kindle/Kindle app (mobi/prc format files) or a device that uses ePub files, and I’ll email them to you. And that’ll be it. There will be no spam to follow and I’m not putting together a database. If I ever decide to do something like a newsletter, I might ask you if you want to receive it, but you would be welcome to say No and I would abide by that. That’s all theoretical right now though, since I have no plans to do a newsletter.

People who already read my work are also welcome to a starter pack, though don’t come complaining to me if you happen to be familiar with some or all of the material.

My US ebook publisher, Exciting Press, sometimes sets my short stories, novellas and novels free for Kindle for a couple of days at a time. Some of these are limited to certain countries, others are worldwide. The easiest way to see if anything’s free at the moment (and available where you are) is to check this page at Amazon.

I’m also aiming to make some things permanently free. Welcome to Normal (the short story, not the the entire book …) is one of them. You can read it on screen, print it or download it as a pdf or txt file from Scribd.

UQP is also happy to make a story of mine permanently free. They publish After January in Australia (it’s known as After Summer in the US and UK) and the current edition also includes the short story that triggered the novel. That story isn’t part of previous editions here, or any editions outside Australia. It’s also now available at Scribd as a pdf or txt file, or to read on screen.

6 Responses to Free Stuff

  1. Julie Davies says:

    Pooooooh – I just paid full price for “Welcome to Normal” at the Bne Writers’ Fest. But your Storytelling Armchair reprise was the highlight of the whole festival for me. Thanks Nick – you’re a champion (whom I’m hoping to emulate – smile).

    • nickearls says:

      All that’s free is the title story (8000 words), so you ended up with 70,000 words more than that. Factor in the armchair sighting (obviously priceless) and I like to think you’re still well ahead.

  2. Matthew B says:

    I am in the US, and more of a physical book kind of guy, but I should let you know I am teaching 48 Shades of Brown to my university sophomores. Definitely want to shine a light on your writing.

    • nickearls says:

      I’m more of a physical book kind of guy myself – it’s just a lot more practical to give away the e-version. I really appreciate you teaching 48 Shades of Brown, and getting my work some attention. It’s valuable to me to have support like that. Thank you.

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  4. Peter says:

    Re 48 Shades of Brown. I cannot believe that I’ve just found 48 Shades of Brown on my bookshelf and haven’t read it yet.

    It is now beside my bed for some night time reading. I really must check out my shelves some more… keep forgetting what I’ve bought.

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